Høyanger Industrial Museum is located in the Town Gate in the town of Høyanger, in Sogn and Fjordane County. The museum was officially opened on the June 21st 1997 by Einar Førde, a Norwegian politician and the head of Norwegian broadcasting.


The ground floor of the museum gives a thorough introduction to the story of how Høyanger went from a small farming village at the beginning of the 20th century to becoming a busy industrial town. One can see how the

industry grew and developed into the 1990s.


The 1st floor goes into detail about the daily life of the Høyanger citizens during the rise of the industry. Showing the highlights of the social development, cultural life, housing, the war, and the worker’s union, this exhibit gives valuable insight into how the work life of the Høyanger people also influenced their daily life and habits.


On the ground floor it is also possible to watch films about Høyanger in our film corner.


Opening hours:

Monday to Friday 12.00 - 15.30

June 25th to August 20th 2018

Entrance fee:

Adults: 30 kr

Child/student: free

Guided tour of the museum:
500 kr per group
Guided walking tour of Høyanger:
500 kr per group
For entrance outside the summer season and booking of tours, please contact the administration of Høyanger Municipality: 
+47 577 11 500 or  postmottak@hoyanger.kommune.no.