The Gunnar S. Gallery in Byporten (the town gate) in Høyanger was opened on November 29, 2018. The gallery houses a collection of original artworks by Gunnar S. Gundersen, owned by Høyanger municipality. It contains around 30 artworks by the artist and covers the period from 1950 to 1980. The collection includes drawings, watercolors, paintings, and screen-prints. Sparebanken Vest has deposited a large painting in the gallery. In addition, drawings, sketchbooks, jewelry, and photographs are also on display. 

Byporten was built in 1933 as accommodation for industrial workers. Today it houses the Industrial town museum in one part and the art gallery in the other. In 2002, Høyanger Kunstlag initiated the creation of a Gunnar S. Gundersen gallery in Byporten. The building was renovated and rebuilt by the architect Arild Wåge in 2017-18. Due to the number of windows in the building, the architect chose to cover the interior walls with glass with motifs from Gunnar S.’ graphic art. This is to get an impression of Gunnar S.’ art throughout the building.



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